The Future of The Triangle

The public meeting held in February now seems like a dim and distant memory. The coronavirus came along and swallowed up two months and counting.

The day before the meeting, I learnt I was being made redundant. As you would expect, my focus at the moment is seeking work to keep a roof over my head. A task made all the more challenging by the coronavirus pandemic. You will perhaps understand that I must dedicate my time to other endeavours right now.

Andy too has other things on his mind. His daughter literally on the frontline of the NHS, working as an intensive care nurse on a covid ward.

We’ve also seen comments from two neighbours of the site on Facebook which were overtly critical of Andy and me. That criticism made us wonder whether there are perhaps other people who are more able to push the project forward.

It was with good intentions that we continued to pursue the project after we’d secured the land. Perhaps that was a mistake but we are confident that our efforts saved the site from development.

So what now?

Andy and I would like to recruit new blood to the organisation. We need a minumum of three new trustees to come forward to join the board of trustees

Now it’s over to you, the good people of Hythe and beyond, to step up and take the project forward.

Person Specification

You can find out more about the skills we need on the attached Role Description document. To apply, download and complete the application for linked below and either email it to hythetriange[at]g or drop off at 20 St Leonard’s Road, Hythe. If you need assistance, please let feel free to message us via facebook or email us.

Links and attachments:

Charity Commission Guidance: The Essential Trustee (CC3)

Charity Commssion Guidance: Finding New Trustees (CC30)