Winter 2022 Update

We are very grateful to our new trustees and volunteers for making 2021 a very productive year in the triangle despite periods of lockdown and other difficulties.The pictures above give some indication of the progress we’ve made.

We’re now in a transitional phase, clearing the invasive plants including roots and the membrane which the roots are attached to. Some of you may well think it looked better with the dense vegetation rather than the barren state it’s now in but during the coming year we hope you will start to notice the a big difference as we create a more managed, biodiverse garden.

We are in the process of producing a community engagement strategy and development plan but in the meantime we will continue to clear the invasive vegetation seeding the bare earth with a selection of wildflower seeds.

We’ve raised over £6000 in the last 12 months from friends and local councillors. Thank you to Hythe’s district councillors – Jim Martin, Georgina Treloar and Lesley Whybrow and former county councillor Martin Whybrow who have all supported us from their respective ward / member’s grant budgets.

Thanks also to Waitrose, Hythe for their generous donation.

This funding has enabled us to instruct a local contractor to commence repairs to the Windmill Street section of the wall in May 2022.

If you would like to join us or support us with the cost of repairing the wall, we are always pleased to welcome more help and support. You can get in touch via , phone us on 07843 851236 or leave us a message via the Hythe Triangle Community Garden Facebook group.