December 2020 Update

The first meeting with the 4 new trustees was in August.  Since then the trustees have met in September, October and in December.  

The main work has been:

  • A soil test has been commissioned and received.
  • Work towards a Listed Building application to consolidate and rebuild the walls has commenced.  This includes a pre-application discussion with FHDC staff in December.  An application will follow this discussion.
  • Several local contractors have been approached for estimates to clear invasive weeds, remove the membrane that covers the site and to carry out works on the wall.
  • Some funding has been obtained for the above work but significant funding remains to be found to complete the works and a long term plan for the site.
  • Agreement of a set of overarching principles for the design of the site which will enable the trustees to ask the community to submit its feedback and ideas in the New Year.   
  • Encountering the inevitable administrative issues of running a charity – a new risk assessment has been put in place, banking arrangements have been reviewed and a draft management and maintenance plan considered.

The trustees will meet again in mid-January 2021 and will provide feedback to the community.