Hythe Town Council Support

Hythe Town Council’s Plans & Works Committee

We are very grateful to the Hythe Town Council who this week gave its support to our listed building consent application. Our particular thanks for Cllrs Major Keith Miles and Douglas Wade who spoke on the application.

Cllr Wade described the site as “an important feature of this part of Hythe and a historic area that commands particular attention and support amongst residents of the area.”

He said “It is an important area to conserve and the new trustees are doing a good job and I very strongly support this idea that work should be done to this in order to improve it, conserve it and enhance it.”

Cllr Miles has been a vocal supporter of our project for a number of years notably during a debate at Hythe Town Council in 2018 and now in favour of this application. Cllr Miles said: “It is very important. It’s a very detailed, explicit report detailing the poor state of the walls and the sooner they can go ahead and get them repaired, the better. I am fully supportive of this application.”

Cllrs Jim Martin and Martin Whybrow both registered a personal interest in the application and opted to abstain. Cllr Martin, a qualified surveyor, donated professional services to the Charity in 2016 in support of our land purchase. Cllr Whybrow, who is a county councillor, has twice granted us funds via his Combined Members Grant.

Hythe Town Council is a statutory consultee and their support will be noted by the planning officers dealing with the application. We expect a decision to be made in March, if not sooner.

Watch the Town Council planning meeting online, on Facebook.